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Hi, welcome to the Debaby - Women Mental Health testing family

We have created unique guided programs that will help you overcome stress while trying to conceive. Our programs included supportive audio, daily activities, an emotions tracker and a diary. We have created this course going through our own experience and with the help of professional psychologists. Debaby is a safe space where you can talk about pregnancy planning, problems and experiences at any stage of this journey. This is a place where mutual understanding and empathy prevail. Here, everyone will find support, inspiration, motivation, as well as useful tips to help them better understand their condition and get closer to the goal of becoming a mother. It doesn't matter how long you've been on the road to motherhood. It is important that you are not alone now. Basic functions Programs: listen to guided meditations and success stories, complete daily tasks, track your thoughts and emotions Affirmations: keep yourself motivated on your sensitive path to motherhood Help Center: find helpful information about infertility, reproductive and mental health Feed: an opportunity to share your experiences and emotions, learn about the experiences of others and get support

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